Monthly Archives: July 2020

Roadmap Update

Just some side notes from todays work (which has been alot, as level 4 is now complete). The new dino Acrocanthosaurus (previously shown), didnt pass the Warthos test, and wont be used in JE. But not to fret, i have 2 back ups/additions to choose from (yes i have alot of dinos).

Acrocanthosaurus is the same as Gigantosaurus, which i have, as well as Allosaurus. Both of these dinos are big (but not as big as the king…Spinosaurus), they are between 30-40 feet long. So as planned, the later levels will have pretty big bosses, which will be alot of fun 🙂

Level 4 WIP

Ok, as usual this next video is already old, lol, as all the dinos are now animated, and area2 is finished, and working on the 3rd and final “boss” area (Baryonyx x2). Ive also added in the underwater effects (wet lenz, etc.). In the video you can see them up close. Level 4 will be done in the next day or so:

Level 4 Area 1

Sup guys, level 4 area 1 came out nice. There will be a cut scene or dialogue event here. Heres a short video of the area, and currently working on area 2:

A Human!

Wanted to show a WIP SS of the 1st area of level 4. This is where you meet Shawn Roberts, a survivor on the island for 10 years, he and his boat went missing in the devils triangle, and ended up here, like you.

This area will be done this weekend, and will move onto the next area. From this point on the story line will play a big part in the game:

Scale Comparison

Wanted to show the scale difference between Trex and Acrocanthosaurus, as a comparison. The only dino bigger than Acro is the Spinosaurus (final boss). You can see the difference in look also, so ill be working on Acros textures/mats to get him in shape. Ill have video of the 1st area of level 4 this weekend: