Daily Archives: June 17, 2020

Last Minute Details

Tonights work was fun, alot finished up on level 2. Ill be doing a few last minute things, then im going to start working on the terrain for level 3. Now level 3 if you remember, is ProtoRaptor (on the cargo ship), oviraptor (on the beach), pteranodon and dimorphodons (suspended bridge area), and t-rex as the final boss’s. This should be fun, lol.

Currently we are running at 80+ FPS/ms, and thats with a bigger scene, so optimization has gone great. Heres the current update, and SS:

  • Added dead trees, stumps, Dropped the height of the ground fog, and added mud ground texture, to the sarcosucus area.
  • Added dead trees, stumps, and bushes to carnotaur area.
  • Optimized and adjusted underwater camera effects (Aquas) in the gastornis/ship area.
  • Reduced audio level of ambient sound, again.