Update And Sarco Area

The conversion went flawless, not 1 single problem, even HDRP went perfect, in fact i see a performance boost with builtIn and HDRP. Glad to be back to LTS build 🙂

Just a heads up, everyone should grab the NavMesh Components (Github), i can do so much now with NavMesh, thats its actually silly, fantastic navmesh tools.

About 80% of level 2 is done, not much left: dino movement/adjustments, adding in pick-ups (guns, ammo, etc.), some foliage additions, etc. Ive also picked up my Rain and Lightning asset, as i plan on having a scene where its raining and night time (as some of you have asked for) 🙂 Heres a video i took right after the conversion (WIP), its the Sarcosuchus area, these guys look great, and no, you cant kill them with a handgun, lol:

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