Daily Archives: June 16, 2020

Update And Sarco Area

The conversion went flawless, not 1 single problem, even HDRP went perfect, in fact i see a performance boost with builtIn and HDRP. Glad to be back to LTS build 🙂

Just a heads up, everyone should grab the NavMesh Components (Github), i can do so much now with NavMesh, thats its actually silly, fantastic navmesh tools.

About 80% of level 2 is done, not much left: dino movement/adjustments, adding in pick-ups (guns, ammo, etc.), some foliage additions, etc. Ive also picked up my Rain and Lightning asset, as i plan on having a scene where its raining and night time (as some of you have asked for) 🙂 Heres a video i took right after the conversion (WIP), its the Sarcosuchus area, these guys look great, and no, you cant kill them with a handgun, lol:

New Unity Version

I will be spending tonight upgrading Unity to the new 2019.4 LTS build. LTS stands for Long Term Support, which means no new features being added, only bug fixes, for the next few years, the best version to date 🙂