Test Run

Ok, after serious thought and organization of JE, workflow decisions have been made. Built-in renderer will be the choice. I want as many machines able to play JE, and HDRP targets high-end PC/consoles, and i feel its not a fit for JE, and HDRP isnt really stable yet. Terrains are created by me, not using Gaia or any terrain generators. I can build better terrain.

What i can tell and show you is this:

  • 256 x 256 terrain, optimized.
  • Full PPE implimented, and hard shadows added.
  • 2 types of trees, 2 types of bushes, ferns, and 2 heights of grass, done.
  • Dead trees, and scaled rocks, done.
  • Dinos added with behavior traits assigned.
  • 2 audio mixers created, dino mixer and player/environment mixer.

Ive added ALOT of detail, the angle of trees, different scaled rocks, egg nests, dead dinos, etc. and everything is optimized as added. Performance is great, no lag, no stuttering or dips. Currently at 75-100 FPS, depending on view, area. Eye candy:

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