Daily Archives: May 21, 2020

Time Frame

At the pace im currently at, level 2 will be done by this weekend, and next week will be the 3rd level, which is where i was, with the previous version (before HDRP got a hold of me, lol). Remember, JE will have 6-7 levels.

So time frame is good, and its so nice to work with all your assets pre-optimized and set up, you just get to create, develop, place, and not worry 🙂


New Website/Theme

Heya guys, as you can see ive added a new theme, and have been customizing it and adding content. Just added a Web Links page, and will be adding alot more, as time goes on.

I love the colors and layout of this theme, and i can do anything i want to it, so ive tailored it more towards a gaming environment. Ill be looking into Forum software/systems next 🙂

Level 2 Trees

Heres level 2’s terrain with kupok trees added. Next will be grass, then on to tropical foliage. Having alot of fun deving these levels. Once again my formula is spot on, right now with trees, textures, water, controller, and clouds, its running at 132 FPS, once level is finished, we will be around 80-90 FPS: