Daily Archives: May 18, 2020

Dev Funny Story

Dont know if any of you reading are a game dev or not, but if you are, youll understand this story:

Had to laugh at myself earlier tonight (you can laugh at me too, it was funny). Was working on level 2, terrain done some foliage in, decided ill add a dino in, and i forgot to check his “Static” tag in the inspector. So i set up lighting and bake my occlution culling.

Start up the game, and when i look at the dino at certain angles..he disappers! WTH! So i start checking things looking for the mistake, freaking out, and then it hits me…you idiot, the dino is tagged for static occluder/occludee, and you baked occlusion culling, LMAO. Uncheck them, re bake OC, all good.

Level 1 Dilo Area

Heya, sorry for late update, been working on level 1 and 2, all weekend. Alot of things have changed, for the better. One big thing to note, all dino AI has changed, they act much better. Some will warn you (with different animations/sounds) if you get too close, some will hide, etc., all per behaviors.

Level 1 is a forest scene, with lots of trees, grass and ferns, running at 80-90 FPS. Not much left to do, just round out the terrain foliage, some texture and lighting tweaks. The whole level is done (all areas). So its onto level 2 🙂