Ok, had some time to think things out logicly. Even though i love HDRP, i gave it a shot with JE and it just didnt work for a few reasons.

The breaker was the NavMesh, a nightmare, and that effects EmeraldAI, and i will not do without it, its the best AI for my dinos, and i know it inside and out. HDRP is great, but for JE, its too much work and time to get it to comply with HDRP, and i just cant waste any more time. Im not wasting any more time:

  • Using built in renderer (will beef up the gfx with better shader support).
  • Using UFPS v1.7.5. (a wise man said “i like the fps controller, makes me feel it could be me). Point taken.
  • Using Gaia for terrains, textures, etc.
  • Levels will be more open-world type/feel.

Im so sorry ive wasted so much time trying HDRP for JE. Im sort of mad, and im not messing around any more. Its time to get my sh** together and finish the project, its over due. After the 1st level is finished, a demo will be released. All i can say is im sorry for the delay, and the 1st levels terrain is already done, and im not stopping till its finished.
Please forgive me, i can be wrong, im human… and i really care and feel for everyone even remotely interrested in the project. I refuse to let you or myself down.


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