Daily Archives: May 6, 2020

Final Workflow

Im taking the last year of knowledge ive gained/learned, the best up to date assets (pre-optimized), and im going to finish Jurassic Extinction to release, and at its best, (thnx mike!). Heres the workflow/info:

  • I miss and love HDRP (and will dev future projects with it), but for more “open world” senarios like JE (unless you use an asset like SECTR and tile stream your terrain), it doesnt really fit performance-wise, 50-60 FPS isnt good enough. (i get 80-90 FPS with built-in renderer). Built-in renderer is the choice, deferred rendering, (forward rendering for UI elements).
  • Gaia will be used for all terrains, procedural spawn of all trees, textures, plants, grass and rocks (my assets).
  • Shader support will be addressed, new shaders where needed/modified.
  • Frost UI will be my base UI (heavily modified), liked it the most, having a beastiary was great.
  • Will be porting/upgrading to 2019 LTS build, (before release), which should be released very soon.

As you can see ive taken stock in both assets, knowledge, and project. Ive cleaned house, got rid of unused/unneeded crap, and “shaved the fat” off project size. Organized everything, and confident that this is the best route to a release with good visuals, story-line, AI, and “fun”.

Tonight i set up the final server (aptly named JE 3), all assets imported, cleaned up/pre-optimized. Im major excited!, more than any time before, with this project