Monthly Archives: May 2020

Troodon Update

I re-textured the Troodon, to a dirty white hue. It fits with the environment (hard to see). Adjusting dmg-to-ammo as we speak:

Level 3 Final Area

Ok guys, we are now at the last area of level 3, yay!. Ive just started building it, a cool but challenging area. Once its done, all thats left is dino AI, pickup crates, and small adjustments. Perf is great, 90% of the level finished, and at 95 FPS. I have headroom to add more 🙂 Heres a SS:

My Boys

One of my boys, love these guys…protoraptor, they are roughly 3x the size of velociraptor, and have adapted to their brown tree environment color, over time. Most of level 3 is finished. This weekend will be wrapping it up:

Level 3 Terrain Update

Heres the updated terrain for level 3. Theres a few things you need to know. As you can see, i take the orig gaia terrain, and once ive set up the layout of the level, i cut off any terrain that isnt used, or player cant see. The mountain you see?…its hollow, lol. I used the paint hole function in unity. and hollowed it out.

  • Cargo ship with my protoraptors added, Oviraptors, compy’s, and t-rex added (static for scale).
  • The area in the NW will be the t-rex/lava area.
  • Still have 1-2 more species to add.

This level is going to be real fun, and heres why: the level is a bit bigger, so you be blasting away at alot more species, and the boss’s of the level are the t-rex (x2), good luck, lol. The SS might look bright, but its because my directional light, skybox, shadows, and post processing is all pre set up and on.

Level 3 Terrain

Heres the new base terrain ill be using for level 3. It will have the cargo ship (protoraptors), the lava/stone/t-rex area, and the ovi-raptors on the beach. Dont know if ill be putting the pteranodons in this level, might wait and give them a better area:


Had to share, the workflow that ive worked out has been great. Im really loving it, with everything added in, which is done (final scene), we are in the high 80’s FPS/ms wise. Ive never had a workflow this good before.

As i predicted earlier, the 2nd level is now complete, only tweaking and small adjustments to AI left. Ive started terrain stamping out ideas in Gaia for level 3, which should be done by this next weekend, and that means JE will be 50% finished (will have 6 main levels, and a 7th level for the ending). 


Website/Blog Development

ALOT of you are asking questions about what i use to create this site, and how i did it. A website/blog is alot like developing a game, its visual. Of course what i use is heavily modified (code, textures, images, are all custom). So heres a basic workflow for a website/blog:

  • Use a PHP based/coded CMS (content management software). WordPress, and PHP Fusion are my 2 favs, for alot of reasons.
  • Once installed, install any plug-ins/add-ons to add to your security/anti-spam.
  • Try and keep systems seperate, even though they may integrate together (main site, forums, etc.) as much as possible.
  • Optimize all textures, images, and audio for best performance.
  • Now customize the site.
  • Last but NOT least (and i repeat this saying alot in game dev teaching) BACK UP YOUR DATA, ALWAYS.

If you follow this workflow, you WILL have success, and if you have image/texture skills, and a bit of coding skills, you can do anything. 🙂

L2 Foliage

Did alot of work on level 2, looking good and performing great (90 FPS). Not much left to do, add dinos AI, adjust them, add in pickup crates, and a few props. Heres the changes:

-All foliage/plants are in.
-All trees finished.
-Cut off unused parts of the terrain.
-Removed reflections on Aquas water, was killing performance.

Tonight ill be working on the dinos, AI, adjusting textures, and getting them set up.

Inside Info

Wanted to show you, how i research dinosaur data (factual). This is one of the database websites i use for factual dino data. It has speed, size/scale, herbavore/carnivore, and habitat info. A great site 🙂

Level 2 WIP 3

A nice update to level 2, performance is great, love the workflow. Next up will be dino AI 🙂 Heres the latest footage: