Downtime, Advancement, And Improvements

Heya guys, due to the global pandemic, which effects us all in different ways (personally, physically, finantialy), i too have been effected. Ill still post an update here and there, and JE is safe, ill be taking some time off till my country “opens back up”. In that time ill be doing the following:

-Taking some classes on unity (after work, etc.).
– Learning from some of my dev friends, that are way above my caliber. (good company).
– Experimentation with JE in 2019.3, in HDRP.

I need to learn, i want to learn. And thats what im going to do during the downtime. I had a few hours last night, and i converted JE to 2019.3, and it went flawless 🙂 After/during my lessons ive been setting up JE HDRP, and progress is insane. So, i have a new editor/unity version/features, now using HDRP, which also opens ports of JE to X-Box, Playstation, and PC.

What ive learned so far has been great. I have SpeedTrees working in HDRP (2018.4.2f1), and alot of other assets. Heres my problem. These assets are not all mine, so unless i had permission from said authors, i cant just give them out. So ill be contacting them and see what is possible (if i have time, lol). Ill tell you what i did with HDRP 2018.4.2f1 LTS build (dont know about other versions) on the Conifer tree (speedtree), and it looks great:

Once mats are all converted to the HDRP shader (either automaticly, or manual if needed), you must add Alpha Cutoff (0.01) in the mats for any fronds and leaves, then adjust the metallic on your base color/texture (0.7), and make sure to lower smoothness to 0, if not your LODS will look crapy.

Lots of other tricks for HDRP, (i keep a unity hdrp bible file, with everything in it), which i will share as time goes by. Everyone please…stay safe and healthy, nothing is worth the risc of sickness or death, ill have limited internet, but ill pop in here and there.

God bless you all…

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