Area 3 Work

Tonights update isnt really big, as ive been working on ground level foliage in area 3. Its looking good, i can already see it finished, cant wait:

  • All bridges are same type, fixed.
  • Started adding foliage to ground level.
  • Added a way out of the river/water, near the bridges leading to ground/top level.
  • As you may have guessed, ammo for this area is shotgun.
  • Added new hidden weapons into UFPS, they will appear soon.

I started prototyping the 4th/final area last night, have a few ideas.The area will be volcanic/lava/rock based environment. Good place for a boss fight, of course after you use grenades to blow down the blocking rock wall. This weekend will be wrapping up area 3, as once foliage is done, then i just need to set up the dimorphodon’s AI/animation in EmeraldAI:

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