Deep Thoughts

I really want to take a few minutes and reflect on JE in its current v2, and the previous v1. JE started out as a “JP Fan” based game. (non-commercial, due to IP, etc.). It was great, large open world survival. After a couple weeks of proto-typing, i saw the real potential in the idea/vision. I decided to develop a commercial game with a different story line, and release it to the public.

During the process i learned different plug-ins/systems and only went for/used, the best, top notch asssets (EmeraldAI, JP Assets, UFPS, CTI Tropical Forest Pack, etc.). Version 1 of JE was a open world senario, which during optimization, was more than a challenge. I did well, even with a 2048 x 2048 terrain, with thousands of trees, rocks, vegetation, i still got around 55-60 FPS. Not good enough for me.

Even though all my assets are pre-set up and optimized (all textures/mats/batching/instancing, etc.), the better choice is a “blocked off type” way of dev’ing. You use anything, walls, rocks, buildings, trees, etc. to block off view to areas you dont need to see or render. This works great for occlusion culling, and more.

So v2 was born. I sort of recreate certain places from v1, into v2, different look, but same set up. Level/area dev time is alot faster with a good work flow. v2 has a more refined feel to it. Heres why (pointers)…

  • Always use Linear color space.
  • Use deferred rendering (deferred rendering, is a trend in the big studios lately), and add your AA on the backend, (PPE).
  • Set up your PPE.
  • With all assets pre-set up, all you have to do is place, and scale.
  • Always set up what i call, Collider Walls, around your whole area, so players cant get outside of gameplay area.
  • Dont forget about “small details”, like small scaled rocks, differing ground textures, small scalled plants and trees, etc. Variety wins.

So v2 is at its 50% mark, i plan on having 6-7 levels, with expansion/new dinos/features planned. This work flow has worked out great. I really want to thank those who have supported JE and my work. JE has come a long way, and v2 shows it. (yes, grenades are coming, i promise, lol).

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