S2A3 Final

The weekend is in full swing. Scene 2, area 3 is done. Only thing left is underwater effects/caustics. Heres the updates to the area:

  • Sand texture added to water ways.
  • Final foliage finished (palms and ferns).
  • Added Aquas2 waterplane (adjusted).
  • Tail animator added to baryonyx.
  • Xenacanth (early shark) added in.
  • Baryonyx turn animation adjustments.
  • Final item crate added in.
  • Ratio for dmg, ammo, health, and dino, adjusted.

The baryonyx have givin me the same probs as in JE1. They look great, etc. but setting them up in EmeraldAI has been a chore. Its like they fight me, lol. Heres a short vid to show Gastornis (flightless bird), Plesiosaur, and Baryonyx:

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