Final 3rd person Test

Heres Invectors Third Person Controller-Shooter Template v2.5.0 in action. I havent set up invector to EAI integration, just set up/modded the controller and took it for a spin. For a 3rd person controller, not bad at all. Cant wait to get the v2.0 UFPS in, from looking at the docs, its a very entailed controller with alot of function/options/add-ons. Code well documented, by looking through the opsive forums, looks like support is great. Onto the vid:

One thing is for sure, my next game will be a 3rd person melee, heres why…I think any shooter should be 1st person, and thats the view of that type weapon. 3rd person is best with melee, again, that the view of that type weapon. Just a rule i personally like to follow if posible 🙂

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