Daily Archives: January 24, 2020

Alpha Update

Weekend is almost here, tonights work went fantastic on the alpha demo 🙂

  • Post processing effects implimented: Ambient Occlution, Auto Exposure, Color Grading, Depth Of Field, Sun Shafts, and Motion Blur.
  • All texture resolutions increased (foliage, rocks, environment).
  • All dino textures are now 4096, (brought out alot of detail).

With the texture resolution increase/new additions, im amazed that we are still way over 70 FPS, with forward redering, and added PPEs. Next addition is climbing ivy vines, and palm trees. Im also testing to see if i need to increase dmg from player-to-dino/dino-to-player.

Side note to inspiring devs, ALWAYS use the basic colliders (cone, cylinder, box, sphere) on “in scene objects”. As mesh colliders are bad, avoid using them at all costs. And dont forget about mesh polygon reduction, and PLEASE, when you use mesh poly reduction methods, TEST your models/objects after, to make sure your not reducing too much to effect visual quality. Some eye candy: