Alpha Demo

Alpha demo is shaping up, the last 5 hours produced alot of good results:

-When or if you die, your current weapon drops, so you can retrieve it (finish the job).
-Updated UFPS arms and weapon textures (GPU instanced).
-Attack distance increased for all dinos. (dont let the dilo or raptors get off their “2 foot jumping attack”, does good dmg).
-UI work continues, lots of custom work, Examples: health icon now red (was white) as it should be., different colors for different ammo. Weapon wheel icon for handgun had silencer, um….no, and knife slot shows a machete, again, um…
-Wind effect on plants, now adjusted.

Trying to get as much done as possible, remember, PC ONLY build (keyboard/mouse), no plans for x-box/playstation support, unless enough feedback warrents it.

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