Future Of Enigmatic Games

Exciting news…before i decided to use Unity as my main game engine for indie dev, i was a Dev involved in server emulation, for projects like MagicBane, a Shadowbane (Ubisoft title with great success) and Darkfall, server emulators.

Ive been in talks with some of the team from MagicBane, and they are ready for a new game, a new direction. Now…Unity and its Unet/Mirror networking code (most importantly, backend) to me is far better than the other option (UE4), not to mention the system requirements. I know what your all thinking “thats alot to take on, forget it”, but remember, this project will have a team, not doing this alone. I have a team willing to join the project, great devs with experience in C++/C# and networking code.

Now..Jurassic Extinction is my baby, and is priority, they understand that until JE goes into release, i wont be starting anything up. But i can tell you..a heavily modified version of uMMORPG will be my base. By the time JE is released (im only 6 months in) uMMORPG will be developed enough to use as a base. The game will be a cross between shadowbane and darkfall. This is just to fill you in on what Enigmatic Games future may be.

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