Monthly Archives: October 2019

OC Update

Still here, just been busy working on the game, scaling trees/foliage, adjusting audio, and UI elements. Its looking great, had some time to update the foliage at the Operation Center, had fun setting it up:

State Of The Game

Heres a in game run through 2 areas to show the state of the game. Trees/plants scaled, terraces/rocks added, and new water added (Aquas). Youll see trics, guards, brachys and plesiosaur:

New Resident!

New resident added tonight, while working on trees and terraces, i put in the Plesiosaur 🙂 Still needs some work but hes in and working great:

Big Progress!

Tonights work has been adding in terrace sections and tree/plant scaling, its looking awesome. I promise a real good video of progress this weekend, as i want you all to see what i see and hear, its great!.

I will be adding in water based creatures this weekend (plesiosaur, paranna, etc.), the water wont be safe, and NOT a place you want to be, at all. If you go into the water = death. The waterfall placement is on hold status, as i have multiple locations for it, and will decide by weekends end where it will be placed. Heres a SS of the t-rex area done tonight:

My Unity Post

I really want to take a minute and thank the Unity Community Members that have stopped in, people like: macish, Antypodish, jbb1979, khos, MagiSoftworks, BHS, and owlhowell, that gave their opinion and crit.

Its so appreciated, just look at this latest SS of the brachy area, its night and day compared to what it used to be…simply amazing, all because one of you stopped in and gave your thoughts. I cant thank you guys enough, im amazed every time i boot up the game and look/hear the progress. Love you all:

Terraced Sections Added, Trees Re-Scaled

As the title says, here the shots of the areas:

Brachy area:

Entrance to “the vally”:

Brachy entrance:

New Sound Effects

New sound effects added (EmeraldAI/Animation Event), fog adjusted, need to tweak, but looking/sounding great!. My view in game (with player untagged):

Big Progress!

Wanted to share the fun im having, lol. Tonights work is adjusting the blood particle effect, and i have damage shut off on the dinos (to the player) so i can set things up (they attack/push the player around), but its fun as hell, lol. We are in the game play/fun phase, and so far im ahead of schedule, and the game should progress faster. Heres the current progress:

Lots Done Tonight

Lots done tonight:
-All base combat animations done to all dinos.
-Game UI is now set, but wont see it till just before release.
-Hit effects/Blood particle now in for all dinos, they now bleed when you damage them! (had to use “base transformation”).

Tomorrow night will be combat animations and blood particle effects for the guards and omar. Theres also still some texture work to do, as well as spine/head animation on dinos, which will be done by weekends end.

Operation Center Update

Ok, back in the saddle. I had some time to update the operations center (lighting still needs to be done), but i visited the taxedermist before i started, lol: