Sorry to say but its at that point in the project that i have to stop showing too much of the game, or it will ruin the surprises and basicly the game itself. I will be posting updates, but not of “major” content. Some people like my grandson, close family and select friends (and alpha/beta testers) will see it all. To date there are 13 species added, and i still have many more to add. Its at the point where dinos are killing each other (for food, as they have to eat) and the dino artificial intelligence (AI) is working awesome, they eat, drink, sleep, attack and alot more, a living environment.

I added in the Spineosaurus tonight, which is the LARGEST dino that lived (bigger than t-rex) and hes awesome…he attacked a t-rex tonight and ate him, lol. Heres a shot…


(Updates will follow, im actually ahead of schedule…but games of this scope and size take about a year to go to release.) Welcome to Jurassic Extinction!

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