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New Edition!

This is the newest addition to Jurassic Extinction..the Carnotaurus! Also the vegetation/foliage is almost into this area, will be done this weekend. Animations/AI will be adjusted, so here he is (near the Pteranodons area):

Pteranodons Animations

New Pteranodon footage, non-combat mind you, still needs to be refined, but lookin good, the offset is right, and the combat animations will be great 🙂

T-Rex Final Annimations!

Ok i wasnt going to do this, as i wanted to wait for Emerald AI’s update, but…i wanted to show you what the FINAL animated version of T-Rex, looks like. I will add in the new turning annimation in when the next version of EAI is out. (Check this out and imagine all my dinos with this, and its going to be Biped and Quadriped base):

Now onto the Video and Update:

adjusted all speed parameters (AI and Annimation base)
adjusted Navmesh settings/interactions/offset
set up all Combat annimations/interactions

This is a showcase of what EAI is capable of in current state, great AI Project, updated frequently, and great service (if you encounter any probs, i havent):

Busy Weekend!

Alot done this weekend:

T-Rex(s) animations done with emerald ai
More foliage added
Post processing stack v2 set up
Major optimizations
Material shader instancing set up
Tweaks to rendering

Heres a vid of t-rex animations. They sniff, head shake and scratch, adding all foliage next:


Just a FYI, i had a very large boost in performance tonight, did some “micro” optimization, and things are looking VERY good, everything is falling into place (environment, performance, animations, hard code). Cant wait to get to the phase of fog, volumetric clouds, lighting, etc.), we are looking very good, ill post video in the a.m. 🙂

Operations Center Update

Updated the operations center, still more to do, but a great start. Got SS from the island on the control monitors, all collisions added in, and more. Video as promised 🙂

Towers Are In!

Observation/guard towers are in (still need a bit of mod), but ill place them around the island tomorrow in select areas. These towers will have Omar’s Para-Military in them that you will have to kill and loot 🙂

More Progress

The AI integrations are finally done! This weekend will be spent on dinos animations (different ones, smoother, etc.) and the work on assets now continues. Videos will follow soon 🙂

Pteranodon Flight Animations

Got Pteranodon flight animations started tonight, looking good, have a look:

AI In Place

As of tonight, all the dinos are set up with animations and AI with the new AI system called EmeraldAI! I will be tweaking the AI in another phase, but basic animations are set for all dinos. Tomorrow night will be setting up my FPS system called UFPS, which is the character eveyone will be.

Once thats done, its back to assets and terrain, the new observation towers will be going in, and will be able to resume work on the operations center 🙂