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Big Update And Working Title!

Ive decided that instead of a private release of this project, ill be stripping away all JP
references (due to IP) and going for a public release game. Im currently taking some Unity
Courses for the next few nights, (sorry for late update), so ill post the game
info/story/title now, and will update frequently on website and here as time allows:
In jurassic park someone was trying to buy dino embryos/dna, in jurassic world fallen
kingdom, some dinosaurs were sold off and trucked out of the lockwood estate. There is a
multi-billionaire behind these events, with the sole purpose of creating his own dino
sanctuary, and has now done so. His name is Omar Khorey. Omar bought an island called Isla
Pinta, west of ecuador.
You, a para military soldier, have been givin the task of recovering any embryos/dna
possible from the operations center in the north west of the island, and kill as many
dinsaurs as possible by any means necessary. You will be flown in to the drop off point on
the southwest part of the island.
There are NO FENCES, NO PERSONEL to aid you. You will have ample weapons and etc. on you,
you will scavenge other weapons from Omars military you kill, or find in buildings, etc.
Once the mission is complete, to leave the island, you must board the ship at the NE
dock…. or radio us if possible…thats IF you survive… welcome to Jurassic Extinction!


Another noteworthy addition to tonights work is the basic layout of the airstrip on the extreme west of the island…


NE Dock

Started work on the NE dock, if you remember theres 2 docks, NE and SE, the NE dock was for supplies, etc. and the SE dock was for visitors. Basics of the dock were done tonight…

east dock

Alpha/Beta Testers

I have been contacted by quite a few peeps asking/offering alpha/beta testing… Ill be announcing testing soon, love the support, specially for a new project, and thnx. Right now schedule-wise its looking like about a month away. Ill post details and info when that time comes 🙂

Scale and Track

Todays update i scaled the explorer tour trucks, added more outline foliage and started the car – guide – track. Also did a bit of de-bugging and fixes to terrain. Its starting to look real good 🙂

Update: visitors center

From todays work…visitors center interior and front is now complete! Ive had to re-model the front of the building, add the water and vegetation. All interior done accept for adding in props (staging, furniture, etc.)



Please click on the post’s title to see the complete post, 🙂

Up to speed

I wanted to get everyone up to speed with myself, Enigmatic Games, and the tools and projects. Ive been a comp IT and game dev for years and decided to go on my own (Indie). I currently use one of the 2 biggest game engines out there….Unity3d. The other is Unreal Engine, which i have and use, but using Unity3d for the current project. The current project is loosely based on the 1st Jurassic Park movie. No title name has been decided as of yet.

Some of you have seen early beta footage of the game, currently most all locations have buildings and starting foliage done, the island terrain is done, and systems are in place for the player and AI (artificial intelligence) for the dinosaurs are in place. Next phase is finishing the visitors center, then onto vegetation. Here is the island Isla Nublar that im using, and created from USGS data to a heightmap:

Next is the arrival point, with jeeps and heliocopter all in place:

Last is the Aviary:

So much work to be done, but on schedule so far…lol. Now that the website is up and running, i can get back to work, more updates to follow tomorrow. 🙂

New Home!

Welcome to the new Enigmatic Games website! All game/dev, updates, info, and more will now be posted here. I will be working on the website as i have time, alot needs to be done, but just getting it set up and running has taken me away from Dev time. I will be making daily/nightly updates here on progress, so stay tuned!